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The state of Ohio is located in the Midwest United States. In total area, the state ranks as the 34th biggest. The state is the seventh most populous state with almost 11.5 million people. The state capital is Columbus. The word "Ohio" itself, is derived from the Iroquois word "ohi-yo," that means "great river."

The state was originally partitioned from the Northwest Territory. The state was the very first state under the Northwest Ordinance to be admitted to the union. Signed on March 1, the year 1803, it was the 17th state to join. Historically, Ohio state has been nicknamed the "Buckeye State," connecting to the buckeye tree. The people who live in the state of Ohio, occasionally called Ohioans are likewise called "Buckeyes." Based on population density, Ohio state ranks 9th among the country and comprises seven metropolitan areas with populations of 500,000 or more.

The government of Ohio consists of the Governor led executive branch, the supreme court led judicial branch and the legislative branch led by the Ohio General Assembly. The state of Ohio has the reputation as both a swing state and a bellwether in national elections. Presently, the state of Ohio occupies eighteen seats within the United States House of Representatives.

Because the state of Ohio geographically links the Midwest to the Northeast, different business traffic and cargo pass through its borders along its vast highway system. The place of the state has proven to be an asset for financial growth and expansion. The state has the tenth biggest highway network within the USA. It is within a one day drive of half of North America's population and 70% of North America's manufacturing capacity.

Many seaports could be found to the north, where Lake Erie gives Ohio state 312 miles of coastline. The Ohio River provides the southern border of the state, since the border is at the 1793 low water mark situated on the river's north side. One more large portion of the northern border is defined by Lake Erie. Indiana borders Ohio to the west, Michigan is situated to the northwest, West Virginia is on the southeast, Kentucky is on the south, Ontario, Canada is situated on the north and Pennsylvania is on the east.

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